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Think Money Group was delighted to receive an update from Jubilee Action on how money we've raised is being used to help child-headed households in Musanze, Rwanda as part of the Fair Children Youth Foundation (FCYF) project.

Jubilee Action Child

Much of the housing in Musanze is unsuitable, so work is being done to try and improve the living conditions for people who live there. Katie is Jubilee Action's Programmes and Partnership Advisor. She visited many of the homes that have been selected for urgent renovations this year and she told us that these renovations will make a massive difference to the child-headed households.

Our support is encouraging further initiatives in the community.

Jacques Jubilee Action Community Mentor

This is Jacques, a community mentor. He has persuaded his community cooperative to support the cost of providing electricity to a home for two young girls once their house has been rebuilt. These girls will soon have four solid walls and a lockable door - and electricity too.

We have supported training and education for children and young people in Musanze. You and I might take basics like electricity for granted. Katie told us that one young boy was really grateful to receive electrician training. He used his training in his own home to wire in a light and an electric socket for a radio.

Jubilee Adction Electric Switch

Another child-headed household received a goat: a second-generation goat from one we were able to help supply.

Jubilee Action Goat

There is still a lot more to do, though. Child-headed households like these will need good beds and mattresses. This will become the next priority after the houses have been rebuilt, to stop rainwater spoiling the children's possessions.

A team from Think Money Group are going to Musanze this May to meet all the lovely people we support in this community, and to see how we can continue that support.

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