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There are so many things to remember when it comes to your child – with homework, parents' evening and extracurricular activities taking up much of your time. It's therefore no wonder that some things can slip your mind.

To make sure Halloween isn't one of them, we're going to take you through some DIY costume ideas for kids. These won't take much of your time or money and will have your little one set for trick or treating!


Take inspiration from the Wizard of Oz movie by transforming your little one into Glinda the Good Witch or the Wicked Witch of the West this Halloween.

You won't need much to make either of these witch costumes – just a leotard, two different types of tulle fabric, scissors and elastic.

Start by measuring the elastic around your child's waist and secure it by stitching it or stapling the elastic together. Decide how long you want the skirt to be and start tying the tulle onto the elastic – mix and match with both fabrics, and continue until you're happy with the look. 

And there you have it – a Wicked Witch of the West costume in no time! For the full instructions head to the Simple as That blog. All you need to finish the look is a broom and a witches' hat – see Martha Stewart's instructions on how to make a witches' hat out of paper.


When looking for a last minute costume, you want to be able to grab what you need and start making – and you can do just that with a kid's shark costume like this one.

The main thing you'll need is an old hoodie, preferably grey, and some felt material. Use this material (or card if you don't have any fabric) to make the white body the shark, the teeth for the rim of the hood and the grey fin for the back.

Some instructions say to fasten these using a hot glue gun but if you don't have access to this, you could use staples – just don't do this when your little one is wearing it! To finish off, find some black buttons for the eyes or get creative with some marker pens.


A skeleton costume is great no matter the age or gender of your child. All you'll need is some old clothes (a black shirt and trousers or leggings), some greaseproof paper, an iron, white fabric paint and glow-in-the-dark fabric paint – you can get both from Hobbycraft for £3 each.

Start off by drawing the bones onto the greaseproof paper. This doesn't have to be too fiddly and there are a number of sites online that offer skeleton templates. Just make sure the template you use will fit the wearer.

Once you've done this, start to cut out the bones from the paper. Place them on the clothing and make sure the shiny side of the paper is facing the fabric. Then iron the grease proof paper on a medium heat so that it sticks to the clothing.

Fill in the gaps with fabric paint and then peel back the paper once the paint is dry. You can finish off with some glow-in-the-dark fabric paint for the bone edges if you want to.

Et voila, your little one is transformed into a scary skeleton! You can find the full instructions for the DIY skeleton costume here.

Not very crafty? Check out these shop bought Halloween costumes for kids.

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