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If you love reading, and the idea of creating some new friends while enjoying your hobby, then why not join a book club, or create your own and invite others to share this experience? Book clubs are a fantastic way of reading while sharing your views and feedback on the books. You could strike up some great friendships and link up with people who have similar interests to you. And if you borrow your books from the library it needn’t cost you a penny.

The idea is to find a group of people who share the same passion for books and reading, or specifically a style or type of book, say science fiction. A good way of finding a book club is to ask around friends, family members and colleagues to see who knows of any clubs, and if they’re also welcoming new members.

How to find a book club

If you struggle to find a club this way, why not try looking online or even set up your own club. Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are good places to start. The Reading agency also has a search engine allowing you to look locally for any reading groups by entering your postcode. This search will also narrow down the clubs according to the book types that interest you.

Where do book clubs take place?

A book club can literally take place anywhere as long as it is quiet. So think library, local coffee shop or even in your own home. The key is to enable a good conversation and get the balance right between the louder and quieter personalities. Usually between five and 10 people is a good number to allow wiggle-room for a few to drop out and the different personality types to get involved in the conversation.

How often should it run?

Book clubs tend to run monthly, which gives you enough time to read your latest book. It’s best to encourage everyone to pick a book that they want to read. This will allow a more diverse and interesting conversation.

To stay on budget, borrow the books from your local library, or if you do purchase them, go for paperback, or second hand options. Ask around in local charity shops, family or friends to see if they have ones they’ll pass onto you.

What is discussed?

This is the chance for you to move away from reading on your own, and express your view on a specific book. So before you go to book club have a think about you want to say. Did you love it, hate it, how did it make you feel? You might then consider the book’s themes, character or writing style. Perhaps you disagree with what others have said about the book so try explaining why.

Ultimately, a book club is a great hobby that enables you to connect with a small community of likeminded people. Have a look online to see where your local clubs are, and if you want to start your own club there’s no time like the present!

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