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Pregnancy is a really exciting time, but as your body is constantly changing, the clothes that you wear need to be able to adjust to your growing bump. Incorporating a few maternity pieces into your wardrobe will help you to stay stylish and most importantly, comfortable during the different stages of your pregnancy. Maternity wear can be expensive, so we’ve got some top tips on how to dress your bump for less.


After they’ve had their babies, many women either save their maternity clothes for their next pregnancy, sell them on or even give them away. So, before hitting the shops, you could try to find some second-hand maternity wear in a few of the following places:

Charity shop – Your local charity shop is a great place to start when looking for second-hand maternity wear. You may not find what you’re looking for on your first visit, but if you continue to shop often, and at a variety of different locations, you could bag yourself a few bargains. To read more on how to get the best out of shopping at a charity shop, click here.

Ebay it! – If you would rather look for maternity clothes from the comfort of your own home, then you could try your luck on auctioning sites like Ebay. Just a quick search of the term ‘maternity clothing’ brings up thousands of results, so you certainly won’t be short of choice! When buying off a site like this, make sure that you take a good look at the description and ask the seller any questions that you have before you bid.

Buy and Sell - You could try buy and sell groups on social media sites like Facebook. These groups have become popular in recent years and are another outlet where people can buy and sell second-hand goods. A simple search on a social media site should bring up any in your area and if you can’t find one close to you, you could always start one yourself!

Borrow off friends – If you have friends that are new mums, you could ask them if they have any spare maternity wear that they no longer need. Most women will be glad to free up some of the space in their wardrobe, so this could be the perfect solution for the both of you. Many women still wear maternity clothing well after their baby is born, so try to ask friends that have given birth a while ago.

The basics

When looking for maternity wear, try to pick out pieces that will match and inter-change with each other. Also look for pieces that you could pair up with items that you already have in your wardrobe, as you will still be able to wear your normal clothes in the early stages of your pregnancy. To help you get an idea of what to include in your maternity wardrobe, take inspiration from a few of the following:

Tops: Try to pick basic tees like this 2 pack of maternity tops from F&F at Tesco. These stretchy tops will be a great addition to your wardrobe and will stretch with you throughout the different stages of your pregnancy. This pack from Tesco are a great find at just £12.

Dress: This peter-pan collar dress from Asda is the perfect maternity dress as it is so versatile! You could wear it casually on the weekends, dress it up for an evening out or even wear it to work - not bad for just £12!

Leggings: A lot of pregnant women swear by leggings, so make sure to invest in some like this 2 pack of full length maternity leggings from Asda! These have great reviews online and are sure to help you stay comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

Skirts: When looking for maternity skirts, go for something that has stretch in it, like this high-waisted floral skirt from Asda. This skirt will sit comfortably on the waist and would look great paired with either a knitted jumper or a blouse. At only £8, it’s quite the bargain!

Trousers: A great addition to your maternity wardrobe when pregnant will be this pair of formal maternity trousers from Asda. These trousers, will be great for staying comfortable on an evening out and at only £14, are a great find!

Jeans: You can’t go wrong with a dark wash navy jean, so why not try these dark blue under bump maternity jeans from New Look? The dark wash will flatter the figure and the elasticated band will stretch easily over your baby bump. These maternity jeans are some of the cheapest we’ve found at £15.99.

Buy big

Alongside the maternity pieces that you buy, there’s no reason why you can’t also bulk up your wardrobe with non-maternity items that you buy in bigger sizes. To give you an idea of the styles that will work well when pregnant, check out the following:

Option 1: Go for naturally baggy tops like this long sleeve top from Matalan or this tunic style top from F&F at Tesco. Loose tops like these will fit over your bump and have enough stretch in them to grow with you.

Option 2: Tunic dresses like this t-shirt style dress from F&F at Tesco are great for concealing your bump and keeping you looking stylish. When pregnant, a t-shirt dress like this would look great worn with straight-legged jeans or leggings.

Option 3: This bobble knit jumper from Asda will help you to feel cosy throughout your pregnancy and is a bargain at just £6!

When buying clothing in larger sizes, bear in mind that you might not be able to wear these items until later on in your pregnancy and even then you could grow out of them quickly – so choose carefully!

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