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Can you imagine – men spend more than women on losing weight! Who’d have thought it?

Well, according to recent research* carried out on our behalf, 42% of Brits have dieted in the last 12 months and have spent, on average, £280 in an effort to lose weight. What’s really interesting though is that men are spending £100 more on it than women!

But considering what a recent article in the Daily Mail says, we shouldn’t be that surprised by it at all. A survey carried out by men’s lifestyle website Avaj asked 1000 British men about their grooming habits, and the results are fascinating. Men check themselves out, on average, 23 times a day, compared to only 16 times for women. Some really vain men admitted to checking themselves out over 30 times a day. They must look in every window they pass!

So what does this mean? Well, quite simply it means men – and we really can’t believe we’re saying this – have overtaken women in the vain-game! Men more vain than women – it really beggars belief, but does explain where that extra £100 is being spent.

And the reasons why men look at themselves are different too. As you’d imagine, most women look in the mirror to examine the bits they don’t like and for reassurance that they look okay – lipstick not smudged – check! Under eye bags covered – check! We all know the drill.

Men, well, they’re not bothered about the bits they don’t like, they just concentrate on the best bits. In other words, they’re admiring themselves. And why not when you’re spending so much on trying to make yourself look good every month. Perhaps we’re missing a trick here, after all they do say that it’s better to concentrate on the things you do like, rather than the things you don’t!

Tracey Denison, Managing Director of Avaj, says the reason for the rise in male vanity could be selfies. Most people these days are selfie-mad – go on admit it, we bet we’ll find one or two on your phone if we have a sneaky peek – so she suggests that this could be a fair explanation as to why men are more bothered about how they look.

However, we’re sure that the likes of Mr Beckham, and his band of metrosexual buddies, are also fuelling this rise in male vanity. It’s now acceptable for men to care about what they look like, and spend their disposable income on it too, with 67% saying the own more than two grooming products.

Now, Beckham, and a whole host of TOWIE characters, have made it perfectly acceptable to get your eyebrows waxed, slather on a bit of age-defying moisturiser and fake tan yourself. But watch out girls! Hide your stuff or they’ll be after it. A third of the men asked admitted using one of their female friends’ products on more than one occasion. Ahh – so that’s where it went!

If you’re spending lots on grooming yourself, why not have a look at our tips on how to save on beauty products – it’s aimed at women, but there’s no reason men can’t save some money from it too!

*RedDot questioned a nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults aged 18 and over between 16th and 20th April.

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