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Recent reports suggest more and more people are looking away from the usual High Street options when it comes to finding a bank account.

Expensive penalty charges, poor interest rates and bad customer service are just some of the reasons why people are considering moving their account elsewhere, according to recent research by Consumer Intelligence.

According to the research, almost one in five current account holders are considering switching - although given that two thirds have been with their bank for five years or more, it seems that not many people actually do switch.

Meanwhile, some building societies and smaller account providers have reported growing numbers of customers, possibly in response to growing dissatisfaction with what the major bank accounts provide.

The thinkmoney Current Account is one example of an account that offers more than just the basics - with a personalised budgeting service that automatically sets aside money for bills, and hands-on help from Money Managers.

Ian Williams of thinkmoney said: "It's thought that one reason many people never switch bank account is because of a lack of difference between accounts. And while it's true that many accounts offer little more than somewhere to keep your money, there are accounts that offer real benefits to their customers.

"Our customers often tell us how much they appreciate someone else taking care of their finances - giving them one less thing to think about. It's especially good for people who have struggled to budget in the past and would appreciate a bit of assistance."

You can find out more about the thinkmoney Current Account here.

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