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This month's Markit Household Finance Index survey results were sunnier than usual. 29% of households expect their personal finances will improve over the next 12 months, which is an improvement on previous months, as The Guardian reports.

In fact, this is the most optimistic outcome of the survey for the last two and a half years - a period when we have seen a double-dip recession, falling interest rates on savings and rises in the cost of living.

Now, it seems that more households are feeling optimistic about how they will cope financially over the coming months, although fears about rising inflation are also rising - and 40% of households still felt their finances could deteriorate over the next year.

According to Markit's index, where a mark of 50 or more would mean household finances were improving, the index stood at 38.4 in September - but this is still one of the highest measures recorded in the last two years.

A spokesperson for thinkmoney commented, "Households everywhere have been feeling the pinch in recent years. Last month, we had the news that 79% of households are living on a budget, so that includes a lot of people with a good income as well.

"A well-planned budget can help households avoid falling into the red - and the thinkmoney Current Account comes with a built-in budgeting service that separates bill money from 'spare cash', so customers can't accidentally spend the cash they need for life's essentials.

"If you have concerns about how you will cope financially over the coming months and years, find out more about how our account could help you."

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