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The importance of putting some money aside for the future shouldn't be underestimated - and today, new legislation has come into force that will see over 5 million people putting money (for the first time) into a pension pot by the end of 2018.

NEST, the national not-for-profit pension scheme launched under the rules, has worked out that most of these new savers will need to set aside just over £2 a week to get started. And savers whose employer pays all of the minimum contribution required by law won't even need to do this.

11 million UK workers who currently don't have a workplace pension will be automatically enrolled on the scheme. 46% of these people have never put money aside in any kind of pension before.

Under the new scheme, savers who put aside just £2 per week will get almost £3 from their employer and nearly 60p from tax relief to go into their retirement pot. This works out at just under £6 a week - or £25.74 a month.

Over time, this savings pot could grow substantially - and NEST has highlighted that setting money aside for retirement is something that can start with small, affordable steps.

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