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The government's latest Measuring National Well-being report reveals a number of things about the general feeling of the nation. As you might expect, money is one of the biggest concerns for many people - with one in eight of us finding it difficult to manage financially.

12.3% of adults over the age of 16 in the UK said they find it 'quite difficult' or 'very difficult' to make ends meet. This is a sharp increase on the 7.5% who said the same thing only a year earlier. The figures also suggest that the number of people who feel they are living comfortably is falling.

Meanwhile, real household actual income (RHAI) per head - that is, after tax and taking inflation into account - dropped to near 2005 levels in 2011 to £17,862, compared with £18,159 in 2008.

Ian Williams of thinkmoney said that the latest findings emphasise the importance of careful budgeting. "A lot of people are finding it more difficult to manage their finances, which is all the more reason to take a step back and look at areas for improvement.

"In particular, people should be making sure they are putting money for important bills and other living costs to one side at the start of each month. Not everyone finds this easy, but there are services that can help people do this - like the thinkmoney Current Account.

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