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A new report by a think tank suggests that many people are feeling pessimistic about their finances, with one in five families saying they are unable to cope financially.

The Scottish Widows think tank, Centre for the Modern Family, surveyed 1,500 UK adults.

Its research suggests that the majority of families are finding things tougher financially than just a few years ago. Nearly eight out of 10 families (78%) say family life is tougher than a decade ago, citing 'financial problems' as the biggest problem that families face at the moment, over and above health or illness problems and work/life balance.

A further two in five people (39%) say they are 'just getting by'.

Some of the tactics people use to get by are selling things online and borrowing money. The percentage of 18-to-34 year-olds who have sold things online to make ends meet (32%) is far higher than the national average (22%). Young people are almost twice as likely to resort to a payday loan too. And young parents are prepared to skip meals to make sure their family eats well - one in eight said they've done so.

But families can help each other out in financially difficult times: one in five say they've borrowed money from their family in the past year, while one in 20 young people has moved back into the family home to save money.

Families are finding it tough to cope and many are using any means necessary to get by - and pulling together at the same time. If you or any of the adults in your family feel they need some help managing their money, click here to find out more about our budgeting bank account service.

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