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Thank you for your patience.  We are pleased to say that our upgrade is now complete.  Our Online, App, text and automated services are now being restored and our Money Managers are now able to take your calls. 

If you are expecting a Faster Payment into your account today, we are currently processing these – as soon as it hits your account you will get a text as usual.

As part of the upgrade process on Thursday 17th from 8pm until Friday 18th at about 1pm the following services will be unavailable
Automated phone services
Text services, such as TEXT BAL
Online Account Management
iPhone and Android apps
The following services will not be affected
Your thinkmoney debit card will continue to work as usual during this time

Please complete any urgent transactions, check your balance etc before 8pm on Thursday as you won't be able to access your account again (apart from normal card use) until 1pm on Friday 18th.

To ensure that we have time to complete all the activity our Money Manager customer service phone line will also open slightly later on Friday - at 1pm.


Faster Payments due into your account on the morning of Friday 18th will also be delayed and won't be available until 1pm.  

Online Account Management and the App

If you login to Online Account Management or the App soon after our upgrade completes on Friday you'll find that although your balance is up to date, transactions before 18th November are not showing. We'll be loading some previous transactions back in and a full history of your transactions will be available from us on request.

New features 

From Friday you will have access to the exciting new features we've told you about, including being able to transfer money to your card via the App or Online Account Management, and faster Faster Payments.

Legal Information