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We’ve shown you how to cut costs when choosing your venue, food & drinks, rings, wedding dress and invitations, now it’s time to look at how you can save money on your flowers, decorations, car and photographer…

1. Flowers & decorations

Many people spend hundreds of pounds on wedding bouquets and flowers for their wedding day, but you don’t need to. You could buy bouquets of fake roses from eBay for just £3.94 each, and they will last a lifetime. You could also use them to make your own table decorations and/or floral displays for the church/registry office. They look extremely realistic and no one would be able to tell they weren’t real from your wedding photos.

Total cost: £39.40 (for 10 bouquets: bride, bridesmaids and decorations)

As well as using flowers for decoration you could have tea lights on the tables (£3.74 for 100, IKEA) and mini packs of Love Hearts as wedding favours (£2.07 for 20, Amazon).

Top tip:

When it comes to decorations and favours, you can be as creative as you like. You could make unique badges for everyone to wear instead of having place cards, with each badge design having an image of something they love e.g. their favourite musician, food, sports team, and a tag with their name. They could be a great icebreaker and the guests could wear them again after the wedding if they want.

You can create beautiful table numbers and wedding signs for free at We particularly love the tree thumbprint guest book and thank you cards.

Photo booths are very fashionable but can be expensive. Why not print off some free props from and reuse an old picture frame without the glass? Guests can attach some fake moustaches/glasses to themselves and pose whilst holding the picture frame. Just leave a disposable camera near your photo booth for people to snap themselves with.

Total cost: £7.88 (1 pack of tea lights, 2 packs of Love Hearts)

2. Car

Rather than spending a few hundred pounds hiring a car, why not travel in a friend’s luxury car – if they have one? A Mercedes or Jaguar would only need a white ribbon (£1.50 from Amazon) adding to the front to make it look like a wedding car. If you don’t have a friend with a luxury car, just mention it to work colleagues and neighbours to see if they know someone who wouldn’t mind volunteering and doing it for free.

Total cost: £1.50 (for ribbon)

3. Photographer

If you have a keen amateur photographer who owns a decent camera in your friendship group, they might be willing to take on the responsibility of being your photographer for free. It might be a good idea to provide them with a list of the group photos you want, just so they don’t miss any out by mistake. Your guests will no doubt take lots of photos too, so you will have lots to choose from for your album. Set up a Facebook group or write your email address on the back of the place settings and ask people to send you any photos they take on the day.

You will probably receive at least one album as a wedding gift, so you’ll only have to get the prints – and those could be free if you check out MoneySavingExpert’s guide to free photo prints (you would only have to pay postage costs, typically £1.99).

Total cost: £1.99

GRAND TOTAL: £449.73

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