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Planning an Easter holiday? Let thinkmoney help

Spring is in the air and the Easter break is fast approaching, so it’s likely many of us are starting to think about getting away for a holiday. Some may be planning a day or two away in the UK – perhaps a city escape, a trip to the seaside or even walking in the Lake District.  However, others will be planning to venture overseas, perhaps to guarantee some early seasonal warmth!  For those heading abroad, read on to find out how thinkmoney can help make planning your trip easier.

Currency delivered to your door

Shopping for new outfits, booking fun things to do and researching where you’ll be visiting all help make holiday planning fun. However, sorting your currency for the trip is one of the duller jobs – and it can also be time-consuming.

Weekend mornings queuing at the Post Office to buy your currency could certainly be time better spent shopping for new swimwear. And there’s no guarantee the Post Office or Bureau de Change will even have the currency you want, meaning you’ll have to go back another time anyway.

If you leave getting your money until you reach the airport, you’ll probably have to pay a lot more than if you ordered in advance. And if you don’t like queuing, you certainly won’t want to stand in one of the often long lines to get currency at the airport.

There is a another option though. Thinkmoney Current Account customers can order the currency they want from us either online or over the phone and we’ll have it delivered directly to their home. Even better, if you order it before 3pm you’ll get it the next business day.

If all of that wasn’t enough, get your currency from us and we’ll deliver you a competitive rate of exchange. We have dozens of currencies available to choose from, so check out our up to date exchange rates here. If your order is worth more than £500, we’ll send it Royal Mail next day Special Delivery for free.

Don’t forget your card

Of course, you may not feel comfortable carrying all of your holiday spending money with you in cash, so you might want to take your thinkmoney Prepaid Debit MasterCard as well. You’ll only be charged a 2% fee for any overseas transactions (either in store or for ATM withdrawals) you make using this card.

If you want to avoid paying this fee, that’s where our travelcard can be useful. Our cards are available in either US dollars ($) or European Euros (€) and you can preload it with cash from your thinkmoney account before you travel.

How to order your travelcard

The thinkmoney travelcard is only available to people who have registered for Online Account Management (it’s free and easy to do, so click here for more details) To order a card, just log on to your Online Account Management, click on the travelcard link and then follow the instructions. There is a £5 issue fee, but this is refunded if you cancel within 14 days of receiving the card. After that fortnight, you’re still free to cancel but the fee will not be refunded.

You won’t be charged for your first top-up in either euros or US dollars (depending on the card you order) and you can load your card with up to €6,250 or $7,500 – which are the card's maximum limits. Providing you haven’t exceeded this limit, you can then make additional top-ups to the card using your Online Account Management, but the minimum you can top it up by on each of these occasions is €60 or $75.

Using your card

You’ll be sent a letter along with your travelcard that provides you with a phone number to call and retrieve your PIN number. If you lose or forget your PIN – even while you’re away – just call +44 (0) 01753 775 071 for a reminder.

The thinkmoney travelcard can be used anywhere you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark, whether you want to use it to pay in-store or withdraw cash from an ATM. Please be aware that some ATMs may charge an additional fee for taking out cash.

But I’m not visiting Europe or the US?

Don’t worry – you can still use a thinkmoney travelcard. Just remember that any transaction you make outside of your card’s chosen currency (either US dollars or euros) will be subject to a 2% charge, and you’ll also pay an additional charge to use ATMs.

Home again

If you’ve managed to stick to your holiday spending money budget – or even spent less than you thought you would – you can transfer the money you have left straight into your account using Online Account Management. There is a standard redemption fee of $7.50 for a US dollar card and €6.25 for a euro card.

Alternatively, you could just keep your card somewhere safe and use it next time you go on holiday. It is valid for two years and you can just add more cash to it ahead of your next trip.

However you choose to sort out your holiday spends, we hope we can make it easier – so you can get back to the fun bits of holiday planning.

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