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If you’ve just got to university and it’s the first time you’re living away from home, it’s probably going to take a while to get used to how different everything is. Staying out partying till 5am, doing an all-nighter in the library and making lots of new friends, you can feel like a lot has changed in such a short space of time.

You might feel like you bond quickly with your flatmates and in just a few short weeks, you can’t remember a time when they weren’t your friends. But in reality, you don’t know them that well and you definitely don’t know the numerous people they could be letting into your flat at all hours. It’s important that you keep your belongings safe, so here’s how you can stay protected.

Contents insurance

Getting a good contents insurance policy is a must when you’re living away from home at university. You can use a specialist student contents insurance company like Endsleigh but it’s also worth having a search on a price comparison site to see what deals are available.

However, depending on your parents’ contents insurance policy, you might not actually need to get student contents insurance. Some comprehensive home insurance policies cover students living away at university as long as they’re living at home when it’s not term time, so it’s worth checking if you’re covered by this.

If you do get student contents insurance, remember that most policies only cover you for belongings you keep in your room, not in communal areas like a shared kitchen or bathroom. And if you don’t keep your bedroom door locked when you go out and you get some things stolen, some policies won’t pay out – so make sure you remember to lock up.

Keep it hidden

If someone in your flat really wants to steal something from you they’re probably going to do it, but that doesn’t mean you should advertise your valuables to potential thieves. Keep anything of worth in a hiding place in your bedroom, like in a drawer or a storage box, rather than leaving them on the kitchen table where anyone could pick them up and wander off with them.

When you’re not staying in the flat, make sure that your bedroom windows are shut and locked. In a small room, it can easily get stuffy and you might forget you’ve left your window ajar. However, this could easily be an invitation to any thieves who might be walking past, especially if your room is on the ground or first floor.

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