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If you and your partner split up, would you be OK financially? It’s not the most romantic of thoughts but life can be unpredictable.

No matter how in love you are, it is important to plan for the future. And that means organising your finances as well as your love life.

Have you got money put aside?

Our research* found that one in five people had squirreled some cash away without telling their partner. Across the UK, that works out to around 10 million people who are keeping financial secrets from their other half.

We also discovered that, of the people who put quietly put money to one side, 10% had between £2,001 and £5,000 nestled away - and 18% had over £10,000!

Should you stockpile cash without telling your partner?

It may seem dishonest, but life doesn’t stay the same. What if you split up and were left with little or no money to pay bills that you'd always shared with your other half?

And what if you break up and you are saddled with all the debts? If your partner can’t or won’t pay their share, you will need to find extra money to meet the payment deadlines.

Stay on top of your finances

Setting aside time to plan your finances will always be time well spent. Giving you more control over your outgoings, it should mean you're better prepared to cope if you receive an unexpected bill or life takes an unpredictable path.

Why not get the ball rolling with a simple assessment of what you earn each month and what you pay out? This will help you figure out how much cash you could put away for a rainy day. What you do with that money - and who you tell about it - is something you can always think about later on.

If you're not that confident about organising your monthly finances, the thinkmoney Current Account might be able to help. It comes with a built-in budgeting service that helps you make sure all your essential bills are paid, giving you a clearer picture of what you can afford to spend - or save - every month.

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