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Looking to make some money on their savings, savers are looking for alternatives to banks. So says Funding Circle - an 'online marketplace to help businesses find fast finance, and investors get better returns'.

As The Independent reports, around 70% of the people the peer-to-peer lender surveyed said that they'd prefer to invest their money in a British business than put it in a savings deposit account, with today's low rates of interest.

It seems interest rates aren't the only reason, though. There's also the question of trust: Funding Circle says it has had an 89% increase in people joining since June, when the scandal around the Libor rate emerged.

"It's not about abandoning the banks completely," said Samir Desai, Funding Circle's CEO and co-founder, "but rather taking control and looking for smart alternatives."

The FSA, however, has warned savers of the potential risks of investing in businesses, pointing out that 'crowdfunding' schemes are 'complex and high risk'.

Everyone has a different attitude to risk - but for many people, a guarantee of a small return on their savings will still look better than taking a risk in the hope of earning more.

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