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For some people, the idea of spending three days in a muddy field with thousands of people, long queues to the Portaloos and a seemingly constant drizzle sounds like a nightmare. For others, it is one of the highlights of their year as it means festival season is here again.

If you’re a music lover, nothing beats getting to see all of your favourite bands in one place, surrounded by a host of like-minded people. But if you’re a festival novice, it can be easy to end up spending a fortune on stuff you don’t really need, just because you don’t know what you need to take. Never fear – here’s the first part of our guide on how you can have a great festival season on a budget:

Food and drink

The food at festivals is expensive and generally a bit rubbish, so it’s best to take some of your own to eat whenever you can. Cereal bars and crisps will keep all weekend, but if you’re feeling brave, you could take a pack of bacon and a disposable barbeque for the first day.

Inevitably, you will have to buy some food at the festival when you’re in the arena in between acts so you’ll just have to bite the bullet with this. There’s no point spending all day hungry just because you don’t want to pay for food, especially if the sun comes out!

We’re sure you’ll only be on water for the weekend but if you do decide to take anything stronger, make sure to check the festival’s website to see how much you’re allowed to bring in. You won’t be able to take any glass bottles so you’re best sticking to two-litre plastic bottles and cans, and be sure to drink responsibly. Make sure to carry a water bottle with you at all times – there’ll be places to fill this up in the arena and you need to stay hydrated.


You might think it’s a great idea to drive to the festival – you’ll beat the traffic and won’t have to deal with public transport, what could go wrong? However, you might not feel quite as clever when you’ve been partying all night and you have to drive all the way back home on just three hours of sleep, or worse still you have to queue for half a day just to leave the car park.

If you can face it, one great value option is to get a cheap deal on coaches from National Express – they run special festival packages that will take you straight to the campsite. If your mind’s set on driving, see if you can take a few friends with you – they can chip in on petrol and save you some money. Lastly, please make sure you get a good night’s sleep the days before you’re due to drive back – you’ll need all your reactions to navigate the way off the festival site!

That’s all for now! Make sure to check back later in the week when we’ll be telling you what you’ll need to take with you, as well as where you can get cheap camping gear.

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