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More than half of adults in Britain say that saving has a direct impact on their state of mind, according to NS&I.

And the savings account provider says that people are finding more and more ways to put money aside for their future. 41% say they collect loose change, while 35% use online money management tools (such as online banking) and 20% say they cut back by growing their own vegetables.

But many people still aren't satisfied with their savings. Of those, 30% say that saving £50 more each month would improve their mood, while 12% would be happy with saving just £30 more.

John Prout, NS&I Retail Customer Director, said: "Whether it's taking advantage of discounted items, buying items on offer or in the sales, or using online money management tools, millions of Britons are planning their finances in advance and feeling happier as a result. Furthermore, they are growing their savings pots too.

"For people who aren't satisfied with their savings, it doesn't require big changes to lay aside an extra £1.66 each day (equating to £50 a month) - it can be as simple as walking short distances rather than taking the bus. Those using regular savings tricks have shown that it's so often the simplest daily changes that can make a big difference."

A budget can make all the difference Sometimes, it's not a lack of finances that prevents people from saving, but a lack of planning.

If you find you are frequently spending money on things you don't need - like daily coffees and other treats - think about how much you could put into savings by cutting back on a few things.

Putting together a budget can help. By writing down how much money you need for essential bills, how much you want to save and how much you have left over for the things you enjoy, you can be sure you won't be overspending, and more able to deal with financial emergencies.

If you have trouble planning your finances, the thinkmoney Current Account could help you. It comes with a built-in budgeting service, setting money aside for essentials and leaving you with money you know you can safely spend, or save!

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