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There’s nothing worse than buying something for full-price in the lead up to Christmas, only to see it slashed as soon as the January sales start. However, if you pre-plan and get organised, you could play the retailers at their own game and start your shopping for Christmas 2016 in the January sales. No, we’re not kidding – to prove it, we’ve put together our top tips for shopping in the New Year sales.


1) Pick up gift cards, wrapping and decorations

One thing that should be at the top of your ‘to buy’ list this sales season is Christmas related items like cards and gift wrapping such as tags, festive bags and wrapping paper. We know these items might not be the most expensive but they can be cut quite dramatically in the January sales so it’s worth seeing what you can find.

If you send Christmas cards every year, you should be able to pick up a number of packs for a fraction of what you’d normally spend in the January sales. Festive gift wrapping can be slashed as well, so be sure to pick up a few rolls of wrapping paper if you see them reduced. Store whatever you buy in a drawer or box so that you don’t forget about them when Christmas comes around again.

We all know how expensive Christmas decorations can be, so pick up any baubles, lights and decorations that you find at a discounted price. When it comes to the decorations, stick to traditional colours like red or white and stay away from fad trends that may go out of style the following year.

If you usually buy a real Christmas tree every year, then why not pick up an artificial Christmas tree in the sales? You’ll not only have saved yourself for next year but you’ll be able to reuse this tree time and time again.

2) Buy clothing or accessories

Although fashions change, there are a few things that never go out of style, so try to pick these up when on the search for a gift for your loved one. Stick to traditional styles and prints like denim, wool or classic designs like a trench coat or an LBD (little black dress) for the ladies. Just be careful when it comes to sizing as you never know if a person’s weight will fluctuate over the year.

If you’re wanting to play things safe stick to shoes, bags and jewellery!


1) Buy toys

Let’s face it, children can be fickle when it comes to their favourite TV shows or films. That’s why it would be wise to stay away from buying them toys in the January sales. If you want to make a start on their Christmas presents, go for generic items like books, stationery or cuddly toys that are likely to not cost as much and will make great stocking fillers.

2) Buy items that can expire

An obvious ‘no-no’ when it comes to buying in the January sales is buying items that are going to expire by the time Christmas comes around again. That means chocolate or other types of confectionary that won’t stay fresh for too long (even when refrigerated). Although, if you still have room to indulge in a few festive treats in January, you could pick yourself up some bargains when the supermarkets start to reduce their leftover stock!

It would be wise to stay away from beauty products as well, as many come with recommended use dates of 12 months, meaning they could be nearly out of date by the following December.

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