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We’re really flippin’ excited about Pancake Day here at thinkmoney!

To celebrate the day when we can pig out on as many pancakes as humanly possible, we’ve got three £50 high-street vouchers to give away to our favourite pancake creators.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is whip out your frying pan and release your inner chef.

Pig-tastic pancakes

To give you some inspiration, we’ve made our own piggy pancake to get you started, and we’ve simply used food colouring and a few cookie cutters to make something out of the ordinary. You could copy our design or come up with your own – it can be as simple or exotic as you like.

When it comes to pancake toppings, there’s no need to play it safe with lemon and sugar – you can use whatever you fancy – we’ve used Smarties®, but if you prefer savoury toppings, you could always opt for something like bacon and cheese.

Don’t worry if your finished pancake looks like it belongs in a pig’s food trough rather than on a plate – you could still be in with a chance of winning! It’s not all about looks after all! We’ll award our three favourites with £50 worth of high-street vouchers.

To enter

After you’ve made your pancake, just take a photo and upload it to the post on our Facebook page or tweet @thinkmoney with the hashtag #prizepancake. We’ll showcase all entries on our Pinterest board before announcing the three winners on February 18th 2015.

Ready – Steady – Oink!

Here’s the recipe we used to make our piggy pancake. We used a slightly thicker batter than usual, as this makes cutting out the shapes easier – that’s a top tip right there.

Batter mix ingredients:

140g of plain flour

1 large egg

300ml milk

1tbsp sunflower oil

Additional ingredients:

Pink, red, purple, green, black and yellow food dye


Cocoa powder

1. Gather together all your ingredients.

2. Make the batter and then divide it up into six portions. Add a dash of food dye or cocoa powder to each portion of pancake batter. You should end up with a pink, red, green, purple, black, yellow and brown batter.

3. One at a time, spoon a portion of mix into a frying pan and smooth over with a spatula for an even finish. Don’t flip the pancake as this will cause both sides to bronze, simply let it cook from underneath.

4. Use either a knife, cookie cutter or other suitable substitute, to cut each pancake into your desired shapes once cooked.

5. For the pig’s tail, carefully swirl your mix into the pan and leave to cook through.

6. For the grass, cut a zig-zag pattern into your green pancake.

7. For the eyes and nostrils use Smarties and to add the pupils to the eyes, use a paint brush to apply black food dye.

8. For the pig’s hooves, just cut out oval shapes from the black pancake.

9. Using a knife or a small cookie cutter, cut-out the flower head from the purple pancake.

10. Using black food dye, paint your pound signs onto your coins.

11. Cautiously spoon lines into your frying pan for your fence panels.

12. Assemble everything together on your plate, and voila.

Whether you follow our recipe or create your own, the most important thing is to have fun! We can’t wait to see your Crêpe creations!

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