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You're probably going to have fewer channels to flick through from Wednesday (1 February) if you're a Sky customer. The TV provider is set to cut thirteen channels including Eurosport, Animal Planet and TLC after a contract row with Discovery over a new deal.

Sky and Discovery were unable to come to an agreement over price. Discovery is saying that Sky is asking for 'unrealistic' price expectations and that it will pull its channels after January 31 if there is no resolution to the dispute.

We take you through what your rights are if you're a Sky TV customer.

What channels are customers losing?

Sky TV customers with Variety, Boxsets and Complete bundles will lose the following channels as part of this dispute:

• Animal Planet,


• Discovery HD,

• Discovery Shed,

• Discovery Home & Health,

• Discovery History,

• Discovery Science,

• Discovery Turbo,

• Eurosport 1,

• Eurosport 2,

• ID,

• TLC, and

• Quest. 

That mean programmes like Gold Rush, Idris Elba: Fighter, Say Yes to the Dress, the US and Australian Open, and Cake Boss will be lost on Sky. 

What can I do?

At the moment, it's uncertain whether Sky customers can get a refund for the channels they've lost or cancel their contract penalty free.

According to Sky TV's terms and conditions it does allow a mid-contract change in the line-up of channels. It says "The Service may change, as it is variable. This means that we can change programming, change or withdraw any Option or Additional TV Service, and change, withdraw or interrupt the Channels you receive in your Service."

With that said, if you chose a Sky TV package on the basis of a certain channel and are unhappy to be losing it, try to complain to Sky and ask for a price reduction. It might be worth quoting the Consumer Rights Act as it states that if you take something (such as a specific channel) into account when you decide to sign up or renew a contract, the company must treat this as part of your contract.

You can ask for a price reduction if the service doesn't live up to this. Bear in mind though, there's no guarantee you're going to be successful in getting part of a refund or cancelling your contract without paying a fee. If you don't have any luck complaining directly to Sky, you can escalate it to the Communications Ombudsman.

What about if I'm a Now TV customer?

Sky own NowTV – so you'll lose these channels as well if you're a Now TV customer. But don't worry, your TV pass rolls from month to month so you'll be able to easily cancel it without facing any penalty if you're unhappy with the change.

Going to continue with your Now TV membership? Check whether you need a TV licence to watch Now TV.

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