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In the next few weeks, we'll be completing the upgrade to thinkmoney accounts.

Once that upgrade is complete, you'll no longer be able to use RBS or NatWest branches for counter services such as paying in cash and cheques, or making withdrawals.

Instead, you'll have access to around 11,000 Post Office branches which you will be able to use to pay in cheques (and you can already use to pay in cash) to your thinkmoney account.

Watch this video for more details on paying in cash and cheques at the Post Office.


You will still be able to use RBS and NatWest ATMs both in and outside branches.

You can withdraw up to £1,000 per day at the Post Office and a further £450 at ATMs. If you need to make a cash withdrawal that is larger than this you'll just need to give us a call and we will arrange it for you.

We'll let you know when these new arrangements start.

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