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Times may be changing, but it seems that some traditions never grow old. According to new research for thinkmoney, around half of us - some 24.6 million UK adults - still roll up their sleeves, don their rubber gloves and give their home a big clean in the spring.

Of those who carry out a big spring clean, 78% said they would clean their windows - the most popular household chore. This was followed by 'de-cluttering' (68%) - finding unused or unwanted items to sell or give away.

Just under 68% said they'd be moving furniture to clean underneath, and 65% would empty their kitchen cupboards to clean inside.

Most popular spring clean chores

Task Percentage
Cleaning windows 78%
De-cluttering 68%
Moving furniture to clean underneath/behind 68%
Emptying kitchen cabinets to clean them 65%
Washing skirting boards/paintwork 64%
Emptying cupboards to clean them 64%
Cleaning on top of kitchen cabinets 55%
Taking down curtains to clean them 43%
Changing from winter to summer bedding 42%
Cleaning behind appliances 40%
Shampooing carpets 23%
Beating rugs 17%
Other 1%

Why not spring clean your finances?

Giving your home a spring clean is one thing - but giving other areas of your life a similar 'once-over' can also bring great benefits. That includes your finances.

Taking the time once a year (or as often as you like) to identify any problems with your finances could help you free up more cash to put into savings, or to spend on something you really enjoy.

Ian Williams of thinkmoney said: "It may seem old-fashioned in this day and age, but it seems that many of us still welcome the longer days and warmer temperatures by giving our homes a much-needed spring clean.

"We'd urge everyone to take the opportunity to give their finances a 'spring clean' at this time of year, too. In particular, it's always good to try and find areas in which you can cut back, or to see what benefits you might be entitled to.

"A good budget should be at the centre of your plans - and that's what we're all about. The thinkmoney Current Account helps people to budget by setting aside money for bills every time you get paid, so you'll always know how much you can afford to spend."

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