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Last week, we took you through how to dress if you’re a petite woman. We took a look at the ranges available for this body shape and the styles that would suit this frame. This week, we’re going to do exactly the same but for tall women.

Am I tall?

Before we go any further, let’s first make sure you know how a tall woman is defined. This can vary depending on brand, but most will cater for a tall woman between the height of 5’7” and 5’11” – some of course, will go taller.

A tall woman can be a variety of different body shapes. See which one you fall under by checking out our blog.

Where to shop

Just as they do for petite women, there are a number of high street stores that hold ranges for tall women.* Here are some of the most affordable.

Store Sizes Shoe sizes (up to)


UK 4 - UK 20

UK 9.5 (including wide-fit)


UK 6 - UK 16

UK 8

Dorothy Perkins

UK 6 - UK 22

UK 9 (including wide-fit)


UK 4 - UK 16

UK 8

New Look

UK 4 - UK 18

UK 9 (including wide-fit)


UK 8 - UK 20

UK 9 (including wide-fit)

Tesco (trousers only)

UK 6 - UK 20

UK 8


UK 10 - UK 24

UK 9 (including wide-fit)

As these few high-street brands show, tall collections can come in a range of different sizes and styles. Not only that but they can cater to different leg lengths, as well as offer shoe ranges for larger and wider feet. The shoe ranges featured include shoes up to a UK size 9.5.

Remember though, you’re not restricted to the high-street. Certain online brands such as Tallgirls and Long Tall Sally cater only to tall women. Just bear in mind that these clothes might not be as budget-friendly as those in high-street stores.

You don’t necessarily have to buy new clothes either. Charity shops get a range of donations in so it might be worth looking around a few of your local shops to see what you can find. Get the most out of shopping at a charity shop with our blog.

Auctioning sites such as eBay could be useful as well – just one quick search picked up a number of different items for ‘tall women’s clothing’, so it could be worth a look.

Our top 5 rules

For an idea of how to style your tall frame, follow these five rules.

1. Wear heels: being tall doesn’t mean that you should shy away from wearing heels. Opt for something like a kitten heel to help compliment your height.

2. Embrace the skinny jean: if there’s one item of clothing that’s made for tall women, it’s the skinny jean – so find yourself a good pair.

3. Accentuate your waist: breakup your frame and help to give the illusion of an hourglass figure by drawing attention to your waist. To do this opt for something high-waisted, tuck in your shirt or wear a belt around your waist.

4. Pay attention to sleeve and hem length: if you’re unable to shop in a tall range, the last thing you want is to look too big for your clothes. Look for tops with three quarter length sleeves (to work as a short sleeve) and beware short hemlines on skirts and dresses.

5. Don’t be afraid of patterns: have fun with different prints and patterns, your tall frame can pull it off!

*Information correct at time of writing – 03/05/16

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