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From today, three million TalkTalk customers are facing price hikes for their broadband, phone and TV packages. The price rise – as much as £33 a year for some customers – comes as part of a plan to simplify tariffs and get rid of separate landline charges.

TalkTalk has been contacting customers to inform them of this price increase – so you should already be aware of this if it affects you. To make sure you know your rights, we're going to take you through how the prices are changing and how you can beat this price jump.

How are the prices changing?

The price hike is affecting customers with TalkTalk broadband, phone and TV from 4 November. TalkTalk says it’s increasing prices as a way to continue bringing customers things like 100% unlimited broadband and investment in increasing internet speeds. 

Customers on the 'Simply Broadband' package, 'Essentials TV' package or 'Plus TV package' can expect to pay an extra £2.75 a month. While this might not sound like a lot – it’s £1.25 a month for line rental and £1.50 a month for your broadband package – it works out at an extra £33 per year.

Line rental packages will increase as follows.


Previous Price

New Price

Line rental



Value line rental (12 months)



Value line rental (18 months)



In comparison, the call charges are increasing slightly – but remember, it all adds up. 


Previous Price

New Price

Call connection fee



UK calling out of bundle

11.5p (per min)

12.5p (per min)

A separate bundle of changes to call charges will be introduced from Thursday 1 December.

How to beat it 

Unhappy with the price hike? You can choose to leave without paying an exit fee. Just tell TalkTalk of your decision to leave within 30 days of receiving a notification of the price increases – you can do this either online or on the phone. 

As long as you leave your contract within this 30 day period, you won't have to pay an exit fee. If you don't you will face a charge. These termination charges are changing as follows from 4 November.


Previous Price

New Price

Simply broadband



Essentials phone and broadband or Essentials TV



Plus phone and broadband or Plus TV



Alternatively, you could look into new fixed low price plans launched by TalkTalk which combine line rental and broadband costs. These are promoted as a cheaper alternative to existing plans. 

TalkTalk say the fixed plans will be set for 18 months, and all new existing customers will be allowed to switch to one of these new plans. We breakdown the differences in price between current packages, and TalkTalk's new fixed low price plans.

Simply Broadband – you currently pay £25.20 a month, and can swap to an equivalent fixed plan for £22.95 for 18 months.

Essentials TV – you currently pay £30.45 a month, and can swap to an equivalent fixed plan for £27.95 for 18 months.

Plus TV – you currently pay £40.45 a month, and can swap to an equivalent fixed plan for £35.95 for 18 months.

If you're not interested in a fixed plan but don't mind staying with TalkTalk, you could call them up and try your hand at haggling. Remember, there's no guarantee that they're going to offer you a better deal but if you're polite and friendly, you may just be in luck!

This isn't the first time in recent months that a provider has increased the price of certain packages. Virgin Media recently announced a price rise of 5.1% for their TV customers from November.

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