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Saving money and saving the environment can go hand in hand. After all, if you're using less energy, it means that you don't have to pay as much when your next bill lands on the doormat.

Helen has found 10 eco-friendly gadgets and gizmos for less. That means you could save some money now - and potentially in the long run once you start using them. All prices were correct on 26.04.13 and may or may not include postage, packaging and VAT.

Eco button

One press of the eco button sends your computer into a deep sleep - only drawing enough power to keep on 'ticking over'. It 'takes power-saving to the next level', beyond Standby mode, and it even comes with software that will show you how much money and CO2 you're saving.

It's £7.99 down from £14.95 at

Breville Hot Cup

You fill up the Breville Hot Cup with up to five cups of water, and when you need a cuppa, it'll boil exactly one cup for you in a matter of seconds. It saves you money on your energy bills because it will only boil exactly what you need. Plus it'll save you time, as it doesn't take as long to boil water as most kettles.

It's £37.70 down from £69.99 at Amazon. That saves you 46%.

Radiator Booster

This Radiator Booster for £17.89 from Red Save (saving £22.10 off the retail price) sits behind your radiator. It stores up heat and then disperses it quickly and evenly around the room. Apparently it can save you up to £140 a year on your heating bills.

Solar-powered electric shaver

Have you ever been in the wilderness and thought: 'I need a good shave'? If so, you would've benefited from this solar-powered electric shaver for £12.99 from Nigel's Eco Store. It fully charges in the sun in 8 to 12 hours. Use it for travelling or at home.

Water-powered shower radio

This H2O Shower Radio for £23.99 from uses your water pressure to power itself. That way you can listen to all your favourite radio stations in the shower without spending anything on energy.

Wireless solar-powered keyboard

This wireless solar keyboard from Logitech charges whenever there is sunlight, and once fully charged can retain power for up to three months in total darkness. That way you can have the convenience of a wireless keyboard without the fear that it's going to run out of battery power.

It's £55 down from £63.40 at Dell.

BioLite camping stove

Cook while you're camping or outdoors without gas or other heavy or dangerous fuel. This BioLite camping stove runs off twigs and sticks you find while you're out and about. It lights quickly and is easy to use. As an added bonus, it will charge your phone and other gadgets while you cook your dinner.

It's £149.95 at, with a free fire-starting kit worth £17.95.

Bamboo speaker

This Bam-Boom speaker is made entirely of natural bamboo and contains no other components. Simply slot your phone in and the bamboo will amplify and resonate the sound made by the phone's speakers.

It's £9.99 from

Solar charger

When fully charged, this portable Freeloader PICO lightweight solar charger will give a mobile phone 35 hours, an iPod 14 hours and a GPS 1.5 hours of use. It charges itself using natural light from the sun in around 10 hours - or it can be charged (in just 3-4 hours) by USB if you prefer.

It's down from £14.56 to £10.92 at Tesco.

Standby Strip

This Eaga Standby 8-socket Strip helps you save energy by turning off appliances and electricals that are on standby - and could help you save around £40 a year on your energy bills. It has two 'always on' sockets and six sockets for peripherals.

Let's say, for example, that your TV is in the 'always on' socket and things like your DVD player and speakers are plugged into the peripheral sockets. When your TV is turned off, the peripheral sockets will automatically disconnect from the mains. When you turn your TV back on, the peripherals will also turn on.

It's £7.50, down from £28.09 at Ethical Superstore. That's a saving of 73%!

Are you a budget eco warrior?

Have you found a way to save energy and money for less? Interested in one of these green deals?

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