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Tesco is replacing its Price Promise with a Brand Guarantee scheme. This now means that you’ll automatically get the difference deducted off your bill if your shop would have been cheaper elsewhere. The move follows the decision by Morrisons to overhaul its Match & More loyalty scheme. With the supermarkets at war over price comparison, what could this mean for shoppers?

Brand Guarantee

This new scheme means that you’ll get the difference automatically deducted off your bill if the branded products you’re buying are cheaper elsewhere. When you’re at the till, the total cost of your branded grocery shop will be compared against what it would have cost you at Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s. Discount supermarkets Aldi and Lidl are not included in brand price comparisons.

If your shop would have been cheaper elsewhere, the difference will be taken off your bill, regardless of whether you’re shopping in store or online. To qualify for the Brand Guarantee, shoppers must purchase a minimum of 10 different products, with at least one of these being a comparable branded item.

Tesco’s Brand Guarantee will replace its Price Promise scheme. This was a similar scheme that compared the cost of branded or comparable own-brand goods against the same big three supermarkets, but if the total cost of the shop was cheaper elsewhere, it would provide you with a voucher for the difference up to the cost of £10.

Tesco explained that the changes were made based on feedback received from customers. Shoppers revealed that price match vouchers weren’t useful at saving them money as it was easy to forget to use the vouchers the next time they were at the checkout.

What’s the catch?

There are a few restrictions on what is offered with this scheme. As we’ve already mentioned, Aldi and Lidl are excluded from the offer.

Another exclusion is hinted at in the name of the price match – only “branded” goods are included. That means you won’t know whether the Tesco brand Everyday Essentials products that you’re purchasing like bakery products, fresh meat or loose vegetables are cheaper elsewhere. Similarly, this price match won’t be that useful to you if you don’t purchase a lot of branded goods.

When it comes to comparing branded goods, these have to be like-for-like for the discount to apply. For example, if Tesco is selling a 24 multipack of Walkers crisps for £3 and Morrisons is selling the same multipack but with 18 packets for £2, this is not a straight comparison so you won’t qualify for any discount.

This price guarantee only applies to grocery shopping – you won’t be able to take advantage of this deal at any Tesco Express stores or Tesco Petrol Filling Stations.

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