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Did you know that some days are better than others to shop or book a trip online? For example, booking a flight or holiday could cost you more on a Friday. And if you shop via the internet over the weekend, you’ll miss out on some fantastic Monday bargains.

That’s according to new research which shows how online prices change from day to day. Here’s how to get smarter and bag a bargain when you shop online.

Not so Blue Monday

Research from Idealo shows that online shoppers can get better deals on some products if they buy at the beginning of the week rather than towards the end of the week.

The same study tracked almost 8,000 products across 12 categories over three months to find their average price from Monday to Sunday. The research shows that if you want to buy games consoles, the best day is to buy them is a Monday with an average saving of 6%, sunglasses come in at 18% less and video games are 15% cheaper.

The basket game

When you’re browsing, don’t rush to check out so fast. Instead, try selecting your items and then closing the website for a couple of days. Some retailers will get in touch with you and will offer a discount promo code or voucher via your email.

You could get as much as 10% to 20% off just by doing this!

Ask and you might receive

More retailers have live chat services now to help with out with questions about your shop. You might find it annoying when the live chat window pops up, but you could use it to get a discount on a product you’re looking at. Let them know you are shopping to a budget and see what they offer.

 You might find it awkward to ask for something free. But forget being shy – ask and see how much it saves you.

Go incognito

When shopping online, be sure to clear your browsing history and use the incognito mode tab – this is called private browsing on some browsers. It prevents the retailer seeing what you’ve been interested in looking at. If they can see you’re keen on a product or service, they might increase the price when you return to the site.

So when you shop for holidays, hotels and flights, be sure to do this and see if the price drops. Once again, hunt these early on in the week. People tend to consider escaping towards the end of the week after a long week at work, so prices could be higher then.

Shop off-season

You could also save by going against the seasonal trend. If you know you’ll wear sunglasses in the summer, look to buy them in winter – this is when they’re on sale. And if you’re buying an investment pieces like a classic winter coat, snap it up in summer for a fraction of the price and dig it out of your wardrobe when the time is right. Look at online outlet stores too – these often have end-of-season stock, which could save you heaps.

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