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If you’ve been charged for something that you’ve already paid for or feel that you shouldn’t have to pay for at all, you’ll know what we’re talking about. A recent report covered the most infuriating charges that get our blood boiling, so find out how you could avoid them!

Parking charges: according to the stats, the number one charge to drive you mad is incurring parking charges and penalties. Nothing surprising there! These types of charges made councils £667m last year according to the report, which will probably be even more annoying for those who hate paying for parking!

Obviously the main way to avoid parking tickets is to make sure that you pay and display wherever need to and check the signs so you know exactly how long you’re allowed to leave your car somewhere and if parking is allowed at all.

Paying for parking probably isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so make sure to plan ahead as much as possible and park somewhere a bit further away if it means you can stay there for free. You should also see whether you can find alternative methods of transport – if you’re not travelling far, it might just be cheaper to hop on the bus.

Paying for the toilet: if you’re in a train station and need a trip to the loo, you probably won’t be best pleased to find that you have to pay, and you need the exact change! This can be pretty frustrating especially if you’re travelling with small children.

When you’re travelling by train, make sure to keep some change on you and always remember there’s normally a toilet on the train that you don’t pay to use – if you can wait that is!

Being charged to withdraw money: it doesn’t seem right does it? All you want to do is withdraw your own money and you’re being charged for it! After all, this would never happen if you got money out straight from the bank.

The ATMs that charge are normally located in remote areas where it’s not likely that a large number of people would be taking money out.

The good news is that the number of free-to-use machines is on the increase so you’re much less likely to have to pay this charge nowadays than in years gone by. Again, it’s a good idea to plan ahead if you can. If you know when you’re going to need cash, make sure you know a free cash machine to withdraw it beforehand.

Automatic tipping: It can really annoy some people when they see that a service charge has automatically been added to the bill. What if you’ve been kept waiting for ages to be served? What if the food was cold?

It can seem a bit sneaky to do this and most people would much rather decide for themselves whether they tip or not, and how much they want to give.

If you have a problem with the service in a restaurant, always try to raise the issue and give them a chance to put it right. If they don’t put it right, you can ask for the service charge to be removed.

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