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It’s Father’s Day this Sunday, have you got him anything yet? We’re sure that sales of ties and cufflinks must be through the roof, but if you always buy the same boring thing for your Dad every year, let 2015 be the year you mix it up a bit and buy him something he actually wants!

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great gift, as our guide will show – everything on our list is under £10. Here are our picks of some of the best things to buy your old man this Father’s Day – and we promise, no socks!

Some tunes – your dad can relive the Britpop chart battle of 1995 this year, with new albums from both Blur and Noel Gallagher. Blur’s new album in over 10 years The Magic Whip has been released to rave reviews, while Oasis fans will love the stadium anthems of Noel Gallagher’s Chasing Yesterday.

Movie box set – celebrate the release of Jurassic World by getting your pops the box set of the original Jurassic Park trilogy on DVD. If you’re not familiar, the films follow the opening of a theme park of cloned dinosaurs that goes badly wrong when the security system shuts down. Just hope your Dad doesn’t think you’re suggesting he’s from the Cretaceous Period!

Heartfelt print – for little kids buying for dad this Father’s Day, why not get this personalised print from Not On The High Street? Mums, you’ll probably have to help your little ones come up with reasons they love their dads, and you can put their names at the bottom of the print for a personal touch.

Beer plant – if your dad’s a beer lover, you’re on to a winner with this Grow Your Own Beer plant. Okay, so you might not be able to get a frosty pint off the plant, but your old man will be able to grow hops, which is what beer is made from.

Scrabble message – for a DIY gift, make your dad a personalised message from old Scrabble tiles that he can cherish forever! If you’ve got some letters from an old game, you can use them or buy these Scrabble tiles off Amazon. Arrange them into your message, and glue them inside this shadow box frame.

Personalised mug – make a really special and individual mug for your dad to drink his cuppa out of, rather than the standard ‘Dad of the Year’ cups that are everywhere at this time of year. Get a basic white mug and write a thoughtful quote on it with a china paint pen. Put it in the oven and the pattern will stay on even when you wash it!

What will you get your dad this Father’s day – the standard socks or tie, or will you go for one of our quirky suggestions? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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