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As a parent, you probably can’t believe that the half term is looming once again – after all, they’ve only just gone back after the summer holidays! It can be a constant struggle to come up with new ideas on how to occupy the kids while they’re off. To help, we’ve put together this guide, full to the brim with budget-friendly activities that you could try.

Staying in

If you were to take your kids out every day, you’d be in for a rather expensive week, so be sure to factor in a few ‘staying in’ days to help balance things out. You could do some of the following:

Enjoy the garden – there’s nothing better than an autumnal garden, the colours, the leaves – why not get out and enjoy it while you still can? You could head down to your local park or stay in your garden, where you could pick up an assortment of leaves to use for arts and crafts later on. These hedgehog and bug crafts from Netmums are a good idea for little ones. Alternatively, you could go on a hunt for conkers, which you could use to play with once you find a good amount.

Embrace Halloween – as the October half term falls around Halloween, you could make some Halloween decorations with your little ones in preparation for this. We’re not talking anything too difficult here – just some pasta skeletons or hang up decorations. Alternatively, you could get started on carving your pumpkin or enlisting your little one to help make their own Halloween costume.

Days out

When it comes to days out, you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to have a good time – you could head down to one of the following museums that offer free entry:

Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester

If you live in the North-West, the Museum of Science & Industry should be your number one stop this October. The museum is free for all and always holds a variety of wonderful and wacky events for the kids – you can see a full list of events here.

Natural History Museum, London

If your little one loves anything to do with dinosaurs, the Natural History Museum in London could be the perfect destination to take them to. You’ll be able to marvel at the enormous Diplodocus skeleton and various animatronic dinosaurs on display, including the mighty T-rex.

National Museum Cardiff

Alternatively, you could visit the National Museum in Cardiff. With Halloween falling during the half term this year, you could head down to their Hallowe’en Natural History open day. You and your little ones will be able to meet the history curators and get involved with a spooky quiz trail!

If you have enough budget to take the kids out for the day, why not treat the whole family? For ideas on where to go, click here.

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