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We all know that the thinkmoney Current Account is there to try and make managing money that little bit easier.

So for it to be specifically recognised by The Fairbanking Foundation as an account which promotes financial wellbeing is great news for thinkmoney Current Account customers.

It means the product is doing the job in helping you - our customers - manage your money better and gain greater control over your finances. That's music to our ears!

Each year the non-for-profit Fairbanking Foundation awards a handful of financial products a Star Mark - ranging from three to five.

Last year, the account was one of just two in the "current account without overdraft" category to be granted a Four Star Mark - the highest awarded - but this year it's scooped the same Mark again.

The process for granting them is fairly rigorous - with the Foundation looking at factors like marketing materials, account features and complaint logs.

It's not all done behind the scenes though - you also get a say in how the account is ranked! That's because The Foundation goes out and speaks to account holders to find out how it's working for them practically.

With the research gathered, the final say on whether to grant a Mark or not falls to the five-piece judging panel which is made up of industry experts.

It was they who decided that your account - the thinkmoney Current Account - would be granted the 4 Star Mark for the second year in a row.

Cheers to money better managed!

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