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Last week, we carried out some upgrades to thinkmoney accounts. As part of this, when you log onto your Online Account Management, you won’t be able to see your previous transactions.

You don’t need to worry that there’s a problem – this is completely normal.

You can still find these transactions though – they just won’t appear automatically. We’ve sent all customers a copy of their previous month’s transactions (up to November 18th) as a PDF to their Online Account Management inbox. You can see where to find this below.

If you need to see your transactions from further back than a month, we can send you this, just ask a Money Manager.

And you’ll also get a closing statement from RBS. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean your account has closed – your money is still safe. It just means that you won’t get statements from RBS anymore – you’ll get thinkmoney-branded statements in the post or sent to your Online Account Management inbox instead.

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