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Many congratulations to Denise Ahmed, a student midwife at Hillingdon Hospital/University of West London and the 2014 thinkmoney Inspirational Student.

As well as studying to become a midwife, Denise is a multi-lingual translator for hospital patients, hospital treasurer, charity fundraiser, student union representative and mother-of-four.

As thinkmoney Inspirational Student 2014, Denise receives a cheque for £1,833, equivalent to a term’s worth of university expenses. Denise was nominated by her friend Lilly Le-Gourrierc.

In her nomination, friend Lilly said: "She put smiles on faces, love on broken hearts and plasters on scars. She has been blessed for this job, and the feedback I have heard from women in her care reduces me to tears and inspiration. This woman I have just described now is a modest super-hero that puts herself last for the sake of everybody.

“Denise is an exceptional mother of four beautiful children who has dreamt of becoming a midwife all her life.

“In order to achieve her dream, in 2011 she applied for an access course which she successfully passed before working as a healthcare assistant in 2012. She applied (to study) in February 2012 and unfortunately failed the English test by one mark., Denise reapplied in December 2012 and was successfully accepted.

“Denise was nominated as student union representative in the same year. We had a strong belief that she would be the most able to fulfil the demands, needs and wishes of the students. She has always stood up for student rights, as well as playing an important role in the improvement of services and trusts.”

Think Money Cheque

Denise’s fundraising successes include

  • She participated in Strawberry Fair and raised £300 for the Royal College of Midwives
  • Christmas Fayre (sold samosas, cakes, raffle tickets) and with some colleagues raised £750.
  • Raised £300 with friends for the independent day of the Midwife
  • Collected 89 bras to raise money for a solar suitcase. The organization sold the bras to buy a solar suitcase that helps in the prevention of women deaths in the case of haemorrhages during the night in Africa.

Denise’s was one of many highly compelling nominations. She faced stiff competition for the title of Inspirational Student from a number of worthy contenders, including Taz Gibbins-Klein of Bradford University, who was nominated for his LGBT advocacy and volunteer work, fellow University of West London student Celia Ivey, who overcame a violent and unprovoked street attack to inspire her tutors and fellow students, Carlos Munez of Salford University, who found his own inspiration and motivation after a Cancer diagnosis and the death of a close friend and Joseph Kanyanga who achieved his dream of going to university at the age of 52 by securing a place at Bolton University, where he tutors others for free in maths alongside his own studies.

Congratulations to Denise and many thanks to everyone who nominated an inspirational student.

*Based on the loan awarded to a full-time student, living outside of London, studying on a course beginning in September 2013. £1,833 is equivalent to one third of this amount, or one term’s worth of loan.

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