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18.7 million adults admit that they neglect their finances, according to recent research by Scottish Widows.

This includes 4.4 million UK adults who are unsure about their financial futures, 9.8 million who have less than £50 spare at the end of the month, and 8.2 million who have no left-over money once they've paid for their essentials.

Due to difficult economic conditions, nearly a quarter of British people say that money is one of the top three issues that they worry about most. 30% have been forced to be more careful with their finances as a result.

Savings expert Catherine Stewart at Scottish Widows said: "As our purse strings are getting even tighter it is understandable that people neglect prioritising their finances, even though they are such an important aspect of our lives."

The research also found that people have had to make financial changes due to the current economic climate. 47% have cut back on luxuries, 32% have been forced to put holidays on hold and 29% cannot afford to carry on saving.

An expert from thinkmoney commented: "Many people are feeling the strain on their finances at the moment and are being forced to make changes. If you are struggling to stay on top of your finances, it may help to create a budget.

"Calculate how much income your family has every month, and work out where it all goes. Any money that you have left over after your essentials - like your mortgage, bills and food - could be saved for a rainy day.

"If you have trouble sticking to a budget, the thinkmoney Current Account could help. It consists of two separate accounts, one for essential spending and the other for your disposable income. It helps ensure that you won't accidentally chip in to your bill money, so you won't be left short."

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