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If you want to give something unique, special and beautiful, a homemade present can be a great idea. People will really appreciate the extra effort you have gone to and you will have fun making it too!

We’ll show you how making presents yourself can save you money and inspire you to get crafty!

10. Unique plate clock:

Rather than buying someone a clock, why not have fun making your own plate clock? You could scour charity shops or supermarkets to pick up a plate that would match their home’s colour scheme or alternatively you could use a white plate and paint your own design on to it.

You will need to use a cordless drill with a tile drill-bit to reduce the risk of the plate breaking when you make a hole in the middle – and don’t forget to wear protective goggles. Then all you need to do is add a clock mechanism (£2.99, Hobbycraft).

Top Tip:

For a child’s bedroom you could use a paper plate rather than a ceramic plate. You can purchase One Direction, Peppa Pig, Spiderman and many more top character plates from Tesco for £1.75 (for a pack of 8).

9. Stylish washer necklaces:

Personalised name necklaces are all the rage but can cost as much as £40+ each. However, you can make super stylish necklaces from washer rings yourself for a very low cost, with a name or word of your choosing printed on each ring. For £1.50 you can purchase a 210 piece set of steel washers from Amazon and a full set of letters and stamps for £10.49. Amazon has a wide range of necklace chains available for you to choose from, so you could opt for sterling silver, imitation leather or ribbon.

To personalise a ring you just need to use a hammer to tap the letters into the metal, then use a black felt tip to go over the letters. Once the indentations are black, wipe off any excess ink, add the rings to the necklace chain and hey presto, one stunning necklace!

Top Tip:

You could use one ring or several rings to form a necklace. Why not have a ring for each child in the family? You could also make personalised key rings or bracelets using the leftover washers.

8. Sweet & chocolate cake

If you want to make an unforgettable gift for someone with a sweet tooth, a sweet and chocolate cake can be a great idea. To make the base of the cake you will need two circular tubs of sweets or chocolates to stack (e.g. a large tub of Celebrations with a small tub of Haribo on top). You also need a selection of chocolate bars and sweets to line up around the sides of each tub. You could purchase some multipacks to keep costs down and add some retro sweets like Chewits, Flumps and Love Hearts. To attach the sweets and chocolate bars to the tubs, just use small amounts of sellotape and add a big ribbon around each finished tub before attaching them together with tape or glue.

7. Personalised hangers

A personalised hanger can be a great gift, especially for brides-to-be who get a buzz from seeing their wedding dress hung up on a hanger bearing their name. All you need are some wooden hangers from IKEA for £4 (for eight) and some alphabet stickers from The Range for £1 (per pack). You just need to use the stickers to spell out the recipient’s name or the words you want on the hanger. You could add a cute bow to the wire section of the hanger if you like.

Top Tip:

For teenage girls you could choose phrases to make them smile, such as: ‘reach for the stars’, ‘you look amazing’, ‘be brave’ and ‘love you lots’. For teenage boys you could add the surnames of their favourite footballers/rugby players instead.

6. Family apron

For just £2.99 you can purchase an apron from Amazon to decorate. Hobbycraft sell bottles of fabric paint for £3 in a wide variety of colours, so you can choose one that will show up well on the apron you have chosen. If the apron is a gift for Grandma, carefully write ‘Grandma’ at the top and then get each member of the family to leave their handprint underneath, using the fabric paint. Alternatively you could purchase some plain white tea towels from ebay for 99p and personalise those instead.

5. Personalised mugs and plates

Creative kids will love decorating mugs and plates using Porcelain & Glass Paint Pens, £10.99 from Amazon. You could get a 12-piece white dinner set for £7.50 from Tesco, or single mugs for 50p. To make the present extra special you could fill the mugs with sweets and wrap in decorative cellophane from eBay.

4. Fabric covered notepads

A fabric covered notepad is a great present for a student or budding writer. You will need a notebook to decorate - Tesco sell them from £1.50 - and a piece of fabric to stick to the cover. You can also add buttons, ribbon and lettering using either stickers or fabric paint. You can be as creative as you like. For a personal touch you could add quotes to a few pages in the notepad for the person to stumble across as they use it.

3. Homemade treats

Why not try making your own cupcakes or chocolates to give as gifts? You can get a Christmas chocolates mould from Amazon for £2.53 and some 100g chocolate bars from Tesco to melt down for 30p. Home Bargains and B&M stores sell cupcake boxes that will give your cakes and chocolates the wow factor.

2. Customised photo frames

Decorative photo frames can be expensive, especially if you want to buy more than one, so if you make your own you could save a small fortune. You can pick up wooden photo frames from Wilko for £1.00 and then add lettering stickers, jewels, glitter or paint to get them looking just how you like. To finish, just add a photo.

1. Personalised cushions

Making a personalised cushion can be really easy! You just need to choose a photo or design you love and print it on a piece of transfer paper from Wilko, £3.40 (for 5). You then simply iron it on to a cushion of your choosing – it’s that easy! Wilko have a great budget cushion range, including a natural colour one for £4.

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