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When it comes to travelling nowadays, there are lots of things to remember – a bag to hold your liquids, discarding your water bottle before security and checking that your passport is still valid (amongst other things). You could be forgiven for wanting to make your whole travel experience as easy and inexpensive as possible, but don’t worry – that’s exactly what this list of travel hacks is going to help you do.

With the cost of flights starting to fall, if you’re planning a break away this half-term, find out what you can do to make the trip easier:

1. Take a packed lunch with you

We all know that there are restrictions on how much liquid you can take through security – but there’s nothing to stop you from taking food through. As long as the food you take with you sticks to security regulations, you’re good to take sandwiches and even pasta through with you! Most airports have a public water fountain in the departure area as well, so why not avoid the inflated prices of the airport and fill up an empty bottle once you make it to the other side?

2. Inform your credit or debit card company

When you’re on holiday, you can be forgiven for splurging a little more than you normally do – as long as you’ve budgeted for your stay. But as your spending habits can be seen to display an ‘abnormal’ spending pattern, your card provider could suspect fraud on your account if you don’t notify them of your trip beforehand.

We here at thinkmoney want you to have a hassle-free holiday, so have made it easy for you to notify us of your impending trip. You can give us a ring or text ‘Change’ – going to XX from dd/mm to dd/mm’ to 881122 or 07786200077.

3. Before booking, clear history and cache

Ever wondered why when you research flights, they seem to rise by the minute? Well, this could have something to do with the fact that you haven’t cleared your history or cache since starting your search. When browsing, many websites store your information, so an airline will be able to see which tickets you’re interested in and amp up the price accordingly!

Clearing your history and cache is not guaranteed to dramatically alter the prices that you’re offered but it can help. For details on how to clear your cache depending on the browser that you use, click here.

4. Try Split ticketing

We know going from A to B is obviously the easiest way to do things, but it’s not always the cheapest. So why not split your tickets up and see whether you can get a cheaper deal by being a little more creative with the route that you take. For example, instead of flying from London to New York, you could stop off at Reykjavik in between.

Even opting for ‘open-jaw-tickets’ and changing the airport where you fly into and return from can help to keep costs down. The more you break up the journey, the more money you could save – so get clever with it!

Remember split ticketing even works for train tickets in the UK – try this tool.

5. Switch off your data roaming

Want to keep up-to-date with your social media or celebrity gossip when abroad? Well, you definitely won’t want to face the charges of using your internet while away, so make sure that you switch off your data roaming once you arrive at your destination. Instead make use of any free Wi-Fi that you can get your hands on, this is often available at your hotel, apartment and the airport.

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