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It's been reported that people don't consider debt a serious problem until it reaches £14,416 on average, although attitudes to debt are changing - and it seems people are becoming less 'relaxed' about debt.

The financial safety net report from Bright Grey suggests that just two years ago, people in the UK didn't typically consider debt a serious problem until it reached almost £16,000.

Still, £14,000 of unsecured debt can cause all sorts of problems and the report suggests that people are more concerned these days that they couldn't afford their debt if they lost their job or became ill.

High levels of unsecured debt can lead to all sorts of other problems too. If you're struggling with serious debts, you're more likely to have damaged your credit rating, which means you're going to find it more difficult to obtain credit if you need to. It can even affect your employment prospects.

A spokesperson for thinkmoney commented: "If you're struggling with a high level of unsecured debt, it's time to try and stop borrowing. You could consider switching to a bank account without an overdraft, like a basic bank account.

"We provide access to a basic bank account for UK adults, which doesn't require a credit check. It comes with extra help from a team of Money Managers who provide help with budgeting and making sure bills get paid - something that can be really helpful for people struggling to manage high levels of debt."

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