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It’s easy to stay connected now more than ever – whether that’s by chatting to friends on the phone, surfing the web or talking about the latest gripping drama with colleagues the next day.

No matter how you stay connected, it could cost you more from November if you’re a Virgin Media customer. This is because the company is increasing its prices for home phone, broadband and TV by an average of 5.1%.

To understand how this new price hike is going to affect you and what you can do to beat it, we’re going to take you through your options.

Price hike

The cable provider is increasing the price of its packages and line rental. The cost of your bill will rise by £1 and £3.49 a month depending on the service you’re signed up to.

For a full breakdown of the price increases, see the table below.

Package Current Price (per month) Price from November (per month) Increase (per month)

Broadband only (all speeds)

£30.25 - £43.25

£33.24 - £46.24


Broadband and phone (all speeds)

£36.99 - £49.99

£40.48 - £53.48


Big Easy




Big Bang




Big Kahuna




Monthly line rental is increasing from £17.99 to £19, making Virgin the most expensive of the major providers on a monthly basis. Keep in mind that if you’re on a special deal with Virgin you’ll get the same monthly discount but with the increase added on top.

No changes will be made to the cost of calls, call packages or TV add-ons. Virgin Mobile customers aren’t affected either. You should be able to notice the changes to your bill from 1 November.

How to cancel

If you’re unhappy with these price increases – the third this year for Virgin Media customers – you should be able to cancel your contract without paying early termination fees.

This is down to rules by regulator Ofgem, which states you can cancel if there are mid-contract increases to your monthly line rental, broadband or mobile bill that weren’t announced.

These rules only apply to contracts taken out after 23 January 2014, but Virgin has decided to allow all affected customers to leave no matter when they joined. Once you receive a notification letter from Virgin, you have 30 days to let them know you want to leave.

You then have a 30-day notice period which you’ll have to pay for as a minimum. You won’t get a refund if you’ve paid for a year’s line rental upfront. Make sure to look elsewhere for the best deals available before you leave. Price comparison sites like uSwitch and MoneySuperMarket can help you.

Negotiate a better deal

Alternatively, if you’re quite happy with the service you receive from Virgin Media, you can always try to haggle for a better deal. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about doing this or being upfront about what you want.

Remember the following tips to get you started.

• Be friendly and personable. Don’t be aggressive down the phone as you’re unlikely to get a positive response back.

• Use deals that you’ve seen elsewhere as a starting point for talks.

• Be honest – if you’ve had a bad experience with Virgin Media in the past let them know about it.

• Your goal is to get through to the retentions department – it’s their job to keep customers and they have the power to offer discounted rates.

• Don’t take the first offer if you don’t think it’s fair. It’s possible they could do better so stay firm.

And lastly, if you’re not happy with the discount they offer you, remember you don’t have to stay!

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