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Next time you speak to us, you may find that the Money Manager asks you to set-up some new security information, which will be in the form of memorable questions and answers you pick.

There are number of questions you can choose from. We’ll ask you to select and give us the answers to three questions. We hope you’ll find that they are easy questions to remember the answers to.

You only need to go through this process once and it takes just a couple of minutes.

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Keeping your account secure

When we complete our account upgrade, later this year, you’ll find that a Money Manager may ask you for answers to one or more of your security questions before completing certain transactions or changes to your account.

We are sure you’ll agree that it is vital that we keep your accounts secure, and these new questions and answers will help us do just that.

If you want any more information about this please give one of the Money Manager team a call on 0161 779 5000.

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