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What do people really want from their bank accounts? What are they unhappy about? This Monday, around 50 members of the public had a chance to talk to members of the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards - four MPs and a member of the House of Lords.

Organised by Which?, the event in Birmingham let them air their views about subjects like:

  • The treatment they get from their bank
  • The information they're given about banking services and products
  • How their banks' complaints processes work
  • The changes they feel we need to see to the banking industry.

A lot came out of the session, including:

Customers don't like being 'hassled' to buy new products when all they want is some information about their account. A lot of people at the event said this was a major issue.

They also wanted some loyalty from their bank account providers, in return for the loyalty they'd shown them over the years. For example, they stressed how disappointed they were when their bank didn't seem to understand their situation when they ran into financial difficulties.

And many of them were 'fed up with a lack of personal service' from employees who don't know anything about them. They wanted staff to be there to talk to them about their needs.

But it wasn't all negative. People also discussed what they liked about their account providers - like the 'useful' fraud alerts they supplied, or the helpful advice employees had given them.

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