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Are you heading to a music festival this summer? If so, you’re probably dreaming of blue skies and dancing in a field but as we know, good weather is not always guaranteed.

To combat the unpredictable UK weather, we’re going to take you through our top picks for what to wear to a music festival in the rain.*


With the weather so changeable at the moment, a parka jacket is definitely an essential for the festival season. The perfect parka should be lightweight and easy to fit into your backpack – like this hooded parka from New Look.

At £19.99, this parka is something that you can wear time and time again.


The key to dressing for a typical British summer is to layer up. A hoodie like this blue one from Primark can help keep you warm on a cold evening and bring a laidback look to any outfit. With a price tag of just £7, this hoodie is hard to pass up!


Womens Shorts

A pair of denim shorts are an essential in any festival wardrobe. These from Primark feature embroidered detailing on the hem and will give you that Coachella vibe even if it’s pouring it down!

This pair won’t set you back too much at just £12.


Embrace the bohemian trend by packing something like this cotton blouse from H&M. This lightweight blouse features delicate detailing and would look chic when paired with a pair of denim shorts. Not bad for £9.99!

Slip dress

Just because you’re in a field in the middle of the UK, it doesn’t mean that you should rule out a dress. Some of the best festival looks are when festival goers edge up a feminine dress.

This floral dress from Primark will look effortlessly cool paired with a denim jacket or parka. At just £10, it’s great value.


Of course, you can’t go to a festival without a sturdy pair of wellies. These knee high wellies from New Look come in at £19.99 – pair them with some thick socks and you’ll be festival ready!


Hello Sunshine

If you’re lucky, the sun might just make an appearance, so make sure to pack some sunglasses. Round rimmed ones like this peach pair are big at the moment, or you could make a fashion statement with these ‘Hello Sunshine’ glasses. Both are from Primark and come in at just £3.

For advice on which sunglass will suit your face shape, check out our blog.


In the day, you’ll need a small bag to pack in all of your essentials. Take this black duffle bag from Primark, for example. It’ll be able to hold necessities like water, food and money. At just £9, this bag is a bargain.

Hair accessory

A festival look wouldn’t be complete without a flower crown – pick up one like this from Primark for just £3.

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*Prices correct at time of writing – 13/06/16

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