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With denim set to be a big trend this spring, we thought we’d take you through three different ways to wear one of its statement pieces – a denim shirt. The reason for this is that a denim shirt is not only an affordable wardrobe staple, but a versatile item that you can mix and match in a number of different ways.

Not convinced? Here’s three ways that you can wear a denim shirt, with the following outfits costing no more than £40 each.*


Denim Outfit 1

1. Denim shirt, Primark, £10

2. Denim jeans, F&F, £14

3. Suede boots, F&F, £15

When it comes to denim, a double denim look is a tricky one to pitch correctly. Now, we know what you’re thinking – how am I going to pull this off? But the key is to match dark and light denim pieces together. Take this outfit as an example, the light-wash denim shirt would look chic when paired with darker jeans and you could complete the outfit with a pair of black suede boots. In total, this look comes in at a cool £39!


Denim Outfit 2

1. Denim shirt, Primark, £10

2. Leather skirt, H&M, £14.99

3. Black heel, Primark, £14

Heading off to a party? Why not pull out your trusty denim shirt? No, we’re not kidding – a simple denim shirt can make for a good contrasting piece when paired with something dressier like this fringed skirt. Tuck the shirt in for a more laidback look and finish off with a pair of black killer heels. The collective cost of this outfit comes in at just £38.99.

Office wear

Denim Outfit 3

1. Denim shirt, Primark, £10

2. Pencil skirt, H&M, £14.99

3. Necklace, Primark, £4

4. Black heel, Primark, £10

Depending on your office dress code, you could get away with wearing a denim shirt to work, as long as you keep the rest of your outfit smart. Work it in with more formal pieces like a navy pencil skirt and add a statement necklace to complete the look. Keep the shoes classic with a pair of black heels. You can put this look together for just £38.99.

So there you have it, three different ways that you can re-style a simple denim shirt – easy, right? To see our forecast of the most affordable trends for spring/summer, check out our blog.

*Prices correct at time of writing – 23/02/16

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