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Now that it’s December, there’s no escaping the fact that Christmas is only a couple of weeks away. If you’re in charge of cooking this year, you’ll probably want to start planning soon. But putting on this feast – turkey and the trimmings included – can be expensive so to help make sure you stick to your budget, we’re going to take you through where to find the cheapest ingredients*.

Christmas dinner

According to Good Housekeeping’s annual Christmas dinner survey, a family of eight could tuck into a Christmas dinner for £20.26, at a cost of £2.53 per person. With that said, we’ve taken inspiration from this to put together a guide of where to find the best value ingredients:


You don’t have to do anything too elaborate for your Christmas starter, something simple like a soup could do the trick. Glorious! Soup are currently on offer for £1.10 at Tesco and there’s a range to choose from including Butternut squash, Fragrant Thai Carrot and Mexican.

Alternatively, you could do your own version of this winter salad – the main ingredients are clementines, watercress, feta cheese and parsley which you should be able to pick up relatively cheaply.


When it comes to the main event on the day, the turkey, Good Housekeeping found Lidl’s Turkey Braemoor (2.8-4kg) to be the cheapest at £8.99. With that said, both Aldi and Lidl are revealing their prices for their full bird range from 19th December in store, so it might be worth heading into both stores at the time to see how their prices compare.

And let’s face it, you don’t have to stick to turkey on the day – if your family prefer chicken, lamb, pork or duck these options could work out cheaper. In terms of roasties, you can pick up these roast potatoes for £1.29 from Aldi, and they’re cooked in goose fat so the hard work has already been done for you!

Instead of buying premade pigs in blankets, you could simply make your own by using full size sausages and streaky bacon. You could cut each sausage in half to make them smaller – that way, they’ll go further.

We all know the traditional vegetables that go with a Christmas dinner – there’s sprouts, carrots, red cabbage and parsnips to name a few. But there’s no point putting them all on your festive shopping list if nobody’s going to eat them. Choose family favourites like carrots or parsnips (Morrisons have them both for 60p per 1kg and 74p per 500g respectively) and cut sprouts out altogether if no one likes them.

There are certain flavours that you expect to see in a Christmas dinner, so make sure you have these signature elements by picking up some Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix from either Asda or Morrisons for just 15p per pack. Aldi have the cheapest cranberry sauce at just 65p per 200g and you could pick up this packet of ready-made turkey gravy from ASDA for £1, if you’re not making your own. Alternatively, you could ask your guests to bring the sauces and condiments when they come around on the day.


There’s no harm in keeping to tradition, so if you’re opting for a classic Christmas pudding this season why not check out this one from Asda – it was named by Good Housekeeping as the best value. It serves four people and you could finish it off with some brandy sauce!

If you’ve got little ones to keep happy or your family don’t like Christmas pudding, why not indulge them with this chocolate sponge pudding from Aldi? It’s available in store from the 19th December and is just £2.49.

We couldn’t quite finish off this blog without including a selection of mince pies – these from Tesco are only 89p for a pack of six.

*Prices correct at time of writing – 10/12/15

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