Inspirational Student 2014 is a way to recognise and celebrate the extraordinary and inspirational achievements of students around the UK. Whether academic, charitable, professional or personal, we want to hear about the remarkable student achievements that inspire you.

The student with the most compelling story will receive £1,833* to go toward their accommodation, travel, course materials, food, entertainment and other expenses for an entire term.

Whether it’s a Zuckerberg in the making creating the next big thing in tech, a future leader giving up their time to help others or a student that has overcome adversity to get where they are today, we want to hear about the students that inspire you.

We’re all familiar with the stereotype of the skint student cobbling together change to buy a pint, but the reality is often more serious. According to NUS figures, the number of students using food banks has more than doubled this academic year, highlighting the stark challenges faced at colleges and universities around the UK.

Hull University student union has even started handing out food parcels to its students and other institutions are considering similar measures.

Some of the most important ideas and movements started on campus. thinkmoney think it’s important to recognise and celebrate these achievements.

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For Inspirational Student 2014 terms and conditions or for more information about thinkmoney visit the thinkmoney website.

*Based on the loan awarded to a full-time student, living outside of London, studying on a course beginning in September 2013. £1,833 is equivalent to one third of this amount, or one term’s worth of loan.

To nominate an inspirational student, simply visit the thinkmoney Facebook page, tag your nominee in a post and tell us why you think they’re inspirational – your nomination can be as long or as short as you like.

Alternatively, you can nominate via Twitter by tweeting @thinkmoney with the hashtag #TMStudent2014, providing a link to your nomination if necessary.

We can’t wait to hear your stories and nominations, so get in touch now. Nominations end on May 31st and we’ll be announcing our winner shortly after. Good luck!