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Expert tips so far... "If I had £1,000 to kit out my new place"

Expert tips so far… If I had £1,000 to kit out my new place

As well offering you the chance to win £2,600* to help set you up in a new home, we've also rounded up some of the UK's leading style and interiors experts to provide their tips for kitting out your new pad. After all, what better way to optimise your move-out budget than with tips and suggestions from those in the know?

We set our experts a challenge to kit out their dream room for a £1,000 or less.

Take a look at our favourite ideas so far:

"How to decorate a rented place for The Great Escape" from The Fairytale Pretty Picture

Trend expert and blogger Alina Isaev (@AlinaIsaev) came up with some practical and useful tips for renters to add their own personal touch without being in breach of their tenancy agreement. We were impressed by her grey and neutral colour palette as it created a really sleek and stylish look that would be suitable for anyone's room - and might even impress their landlord too!

Take a look at Alina's design here.

"If I had £1,000 to create the dream room..." from Elizabeth’s Blog

We really loved the attention to detail that Elizabeth (@elizabeths_blog) put into her concept for a girl's bedroom. Not only did she cover the big things with an elegant bedstead and simple wardrobes, but she also made sure she had enough cash left for the little extras. Accessories like candles, photo frames and trinkets are what really pull this whole design together, making it a room you could easily imagine yourself living in.

See Elizabeth's room concept here.

"If I had £1,000 to design a dream room" from Rosy Smiles

Aisling McGarrigle (@Rosy_Smiles) created a beautiful and girly room with plenty of pink and floral touches. The classy dressing table and vintage armchair give the space a French boudoir theme, whilst mood lighting and photo collages added some really homely touches. We also loved her window seat idea - snuggling up with a book with all those cushions could be the perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday!

See what Aisling picked for her room here.

"Grown-up glam for just a grand" by Swoon Worthy

Interiors writer Kimberly Hughes (@Redlilocks) delighted us with her glamourous boho concept. As well cataloguing every essential detail for your grown-up glam home, she provides tips on how to customise everyday pieces to give them a unique twist. Plus, we absolutely love how she presented her concept, so much so that we'll forgive her for going a fiver over the budget we set.

See Kimberly's concept in its full glory here

"If I had £1,000 to create the dream room..." by Pretty Star Designs

This bold and direct theme may well impress pint-sized pop icon Prince, given that the theme is purple. But if you dig a little deeper into the concept, you'll discover that there's function to go with the delightful form.

Jewellery maker and illustrator Lauren (@PrettySDesigns) has spread her hypothetical £1,000 around an entire home, not just a single room, and at thinkmoney that kind of budgeting skill is always welcome!

Check out Lauren's other creations here

"The Great Escape challenge..." by Lulabel Loves

The reason we loved this concept so much was because it was based on a real budget, in a real room, in a real home in London. Makeup artist Lucy Goodman (@Lulabelloves) recently moved to London and now blogs about her adventures in the capital.

Her loft style room concept really caught our imagination, especially the suggestion of using brick print wallpaper for an industrial-chic vibe. And how can we not love a room concept that features a hammock?

Check out her blog here

"Travel inspiration" by The Wanderlust Entries

We love this global-inspired theme from Amy at The Wanderlust Entries (@amyTWLE). She's distilled her obvious passion for travel into her room concept and it looks fantastic. By incorporating animal print, ethnic fabrics, maps, a globe - she's even found a trunk coffee table that looks incredible - Amy has created a room that truly reflects what she loves. This is another that scores full marks for presentation too.

See the room concept in full here

Thanks to all the experts that have contributed so far.

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