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What does it cost?

The thinkmoney Personal Account is designed to help you manage your money more easily, so you know exactly where you stand each month.

Unlike current accounts that charge you for missed payments or going overdrawn, you'll never pay any unexpected charges with our account. All you'll pay is a monthly management fee of £14.50.

Did you know?

  • 42% of UK bank account holders have paid penalty charges in the past.
  • Of those charged in the last 12 months, the average person has incurred three charges per month.
  • Missing three payments in a month could cost anywhere between £45 and £75 with other accounts.

1. Opinium Survey 31/01/13
2. Costs verified as at 05/07/13.

What do you get from the thinkmoney Personal Account?

  • No unexpected chargesYou'll never pay fees for missed or late payments - just one simple monthly fee to run your account.
  • Real people looking after your moneyOur Money Managers are here to take care of you. They'll make sure your bills are paid on time and help you plan ahead - and if it looks like you're going to have a money problem, they'll help you fix it.
  • Your own thinkmoney Prepaid Debit MasterCard®Your bills are taken care of, so you'll know exactly how much you can afford to spend using your thinkmoney Debit MasterCard.

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