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We're proud of the service we provide. Many of our customers tell us how much they appreciate how the thinkmoney Personal Account has helped them.

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11 Hour(s) agoExcellent ++give great service
13 Hour(s) agoExcellent ++Service rating : Very helpful .
Product : Very helpful .
16 Hour(s) agoExcellent ++Service rating : I am extremely happy with the service.
Product : as above
17 Hour(s) agoGood +Service rating : I'm very happy with thinkmoney in general and the way my account is looked after. My only criticism would be the amount of time you have to wait on the phone to speak to someone.
Product : Could do with bringing debit cards up to date with available modern technologies
17 Hour(s) agoExcellent ++Service rating : Think money are great, never a problem for anything and the staff always seem very happy!
Product : This is the best idea for a bank account! It easy to use and sorts out what you physically have to spend,so you just budget better! Wish this account had been around years ago!
18 Hour(s) agoExcellent ++Service rating : very helpfull staff and always keeping me up to date with my account and letting me know if there is a shortfall
Product : i would not go back to use any high st bank
29 Hour(s) agoExcellent ++Service rating : I have always found the money managers helpful and polite, they always sort out any problems i may have as quck as possible.
Product : i have no worries about my bills being paid, thats the good thing having 2 accounts one for the all my direct debits and whats left goes onto my think money card to spend as i like.
31 Hour(s) agoExcellent ++Service rating : All contact has been professional and friendly
Product : Fulfils my needs. Since opening my account the service has been of a high standard consistently.
32 Hour(s) agoBad --I was charged £5 for a new card when lost it, no other company has ever charged me! I often have to manage my account myself and rectify mistakes made by your operatives but still have to pay a management fee! And I was charged £20 on my latest phone bill by texting bal to 82211 having bring charged £1 per text which I wasn't aware of! Rip off!
33 Hour(s) agoExcellent ++Service rating : Great bank account I never have to worry about a thing
Product : Personal money managers are always fantastic to deal with and my money is perfectly managed