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How to throw a Halloween party, without breaking the bank

Halloween falls on a Friday this year; the perfect excuse for a party. Here’s how to throw one on a budget.

Published 31 October 2014 by

thinkmoney’s definitive guide to budgeting

Keeping track of your finances can be tough, so we’ve put together the ultimate thinkmoney guide to budgeting, to help you plan and save money.

Published 10 October 2014 by

The great energy switch

Do you tend to stick to the same energy supplier year after year? Switching could save you hundreds, and doing it might be easier than you think.

Published 14 August 2014 by Daniel Griffiths

Great value staycation ideas

19 June 2014

Living on a budget doesn’t always mean sacrificing your holiday plans. Read our tips for saving money when you book your vacation in the UK.

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Are Our Earnings Expectations too high?

18 June 2014

Over a third of us are financial underachievers.

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Top 5 jobs of the future

16 June 2014

It’s tricky predicting the future, but based on current trends we take a look at what some of the most popular careers of tomorrow could be.

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Keep the kids entertained for less this summer

13 June 2014

The great thing about living in the UK is that there’s loads to keep the family entertained, even if you’re on a budget. Read our pick of the best attractions for the whole family.

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Thinkmoney Inspirational Student 2014 – The Winner Is…

12 June 2014

We received a number of very compelling nominations for our Inspirational Student campaign and are pleased to announce the very worthy winner.Many congratulations to Denise Ahmed, a student midwife at Hillingdon Hospital/University of West London and the 2014 thinkmoney Inspirational Student.

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