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How to throw a Halloween party, without breaking the bank

Halloween falls on a Friday this year; the perfect excuse for a party. Here’s how to throw one on a budget.

Published 31 October 2014 by

thinkmoney’s definitive guide to budgeting

Keeping track of your finances can be tough, so we’ve put together the ultimate thinkmoney guide to budgeting, to help you plan and save money.

Published 10 October 2014 by

The great energy switch

Do you tend to stick to the same energy supplier year after year? Switching could save you hundreds, and doing it might be easier than you think.

Published 14 August 2014 by Daniel Griffiths

Would you date someone who lives with their parents?

23 September 2014

Still living with your parents once you’re an adult not only means your privacy suffers and you have to share a bathroom – it could also mean you lose out on dates.

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From APR to STO – 14 basic banking abbreviations we should all learn

19 September 2014

Acronyms in banking can often leave you feeling all at sea, so here’s a helpful list of 14 abbreviations you might see.

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Are you one of the boomerang generation?

15 September 2014

Of the 20-somethings currently living at their parents’, many have moved back there. Finances, health and relationship breakdown were all listed as factors driving Brits home again.

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Is it time you flew the nest?

1 September 2014

The expense of renting or buying is not the only thing convincing many 20-somethings to live with their parents – some simply prefer it.

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“What do you earn and what do you weigh?” Which questions get your back up?

26 August 2014

Financial questions make more people feel uncomfortable than personal queries about weight or age.

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