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December’s early payday: a dream or a nightmare?

Do you find the early payday in December makes it easier for you to budget or harder? If you find it more difficult, here’s how thinkmoney can help.

Published 19 December 2014 by

101 things to do with jam jars

As a jam jar account provider, we’re a little obsessed with these useful containers. Here’s 101 things you can do with an empty jam jar.

Published 3 November 2014 by

Manage the early Christmas payday with the thinkmoney Personal Account

If you get paid differently over Christmas, we’ll manage your bills for you, so you won’t have to budget for extra.

Published 11 December 2014 by

How some account holders could be hit with unexpected charges of up to £30 a day

3 December 2014

Research found that one in 12 Brits has been charged for going into their unauthorised overdraft in the past year.

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Affordable Christmas gift guide for girls

2 December 2014

For parents, the build-up to Christmas can be stressful, with many feeling the pressure to overspend during the holiday season. To help you buy for the little girl in your life while remaining on budget, have a look at our affordable gift guide.

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Get crafty and save money with 3 top gifts you can make from jam jars

1 December 2014

Jam jar banking accounts can help with budgeting – and jam jars also make for good budget gifts. We share three of our favourites you can make yourself.

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8 reasons it can be hard to stick to a budget – and how to beat them

28 November 2014

It can be difficult to budget, but here’s our guide to make sure you stick to it.

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Affordable winter coats

27 November 2014

As the weather turns colder and we head towards Christmas, now is the time to invest in a warm winter coat. To help give you some inspiration, we’ve picked some of the most affordable winter coats to share with you.

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